The introduction of machinery in various sectors caused many people to move away from handcrafted goods. However, despite the technological advancement, consumers today still see the value of items made by hand rather than a machine.

There is something undeniably special about handmade products. From their uniqueness to their craftsmanship, you can’t find that elevated sense of quality in mass-produced items. Even better, when you buy handmade items, you support small businesses.

In this post, we explore the benefits of buying handmade products. And if you’re thinking about making a purchase today, you will see there are even more advantages when you buy from a local small business near you.


1. You Get Quality Products

A homemade item is not only beautiful but also of excellent quality. You get a product carefully crafted by an individual who takes pride in their work. Just take a look at this lovely handcrafted leather pocket journal from Something for Keeps.

Because it is not made by machine, handmade is more complicated to produce. Beadwork, clothing, and other handmade goods require patience and dedication, as they take a long time to complete. But more importantly, they demand skilled hands and a keen eye for detail. Perfecting the skills needed takes a lot of practice to ensure the production of quality items.


2. There is Something Unique About the Handcrafted Item

Another advantage of handmade over machine-produced goods is their uniqueness. There’s nothing quite like it. Observe two handmade items from one local business, and you’re bound to find something different.

Variations in shading, texture, grain, colour, or material make these locally-produced items distinct. They give significant meaning to being “one of a kind.”


3. You Give (More) Back to the Community

Supporting a local business means that you are also extending a helping hand to your local area. How is that possible, you ask? For one, you buy from someone in your city or neighbourhood. That means the revenue stays within your community and the country as a whole.

Another way you’re giving back is through sales tax. The money you give to the small business contributes to the taxes that go to the city and state where you live.

Several small businesses also donate to other independent organisations. By buying local products, you make it possible for them to back charitable foundations or similar organisations financially.


4. You Help Strengthen the Local Economy

To piggyback on the previous point above, you’re not only giving back to the community but also supporting the local economy.

As you may already know, small businesses are the economy’s backbone. Every dollar that goes to independent businesses gives three times more benefits than that spent at a larger establishment. This money, of course, goes right back into the local community. It can be used to support programs that can make lives in your area better and easier.


5. Handmade Items are Usually More Sustainable

Choosing handmade products can be more sustainable for several reasons. For one, they typically have a lower carbon footprint than mass-produced items. That’s because artisans rarely rely on manufacturing facilities and carbon-emitting machinery. Since production is local, the need for transportation is greatly reduced.

Another reason is that handcrafted products are usually made with natural, renewable, and biodegradable materials. These materials have less impact on the environment. They can be reused or repurposed, meaning they are less likely to end up in landfills.

Because handmade is often associated with quality craftsmanship and materials, the products last longer. Therefore, they do not need frequent replacement, which also elevates their sustainability.

When you purchase something handmade, you can rest assured that better eco-conscious business practices were used.


6. You Help the Environment, Too

Supporting local small businesses and buying handmade products can make a positive impact on the environment in many ways, including:

  • Practising Sustainability: Handmade usually denote the products are made with sustainable practices. These methodologies include upcycling materials and the use of renewable resources, which both help in waste reduction and resource depletion.
  • Reducing Waste: Because handmade products are made to last, you don’t have to constantly buy new ones to replace them. This does not just help you save money but also reduces waste.
  • Curtailing Carbon Emissions: The use of natural materials and less factory and machinery dependency leads to a lower carbon footprint.


7. There’s Always an Interesting Backstory Behind the Local Product or Business

Learning the history of a local business or product is fun and creates a sense of connection. That’s why many consumers feel more invested in a business’s success, which encourages them to support it more.

Suppose there are ties to the local culture. In that case, the business will offer unique products or services that reflect the community’s traditions. Furthermore, the backstory is often linked to ethical consumerism, leading to more informed purchasing decisions that support sustainable practices.


8. There is Satisfaction in Supporting a Local Small Business

Aside from helping and fostering a sense of community, supporting local businesses is fabulous because you are making a difference. It’s satisfying and fulfilling when you know that your simple act of buying a product from a small business can be good for the local economy. It also promotes innovation and entrepreneurship as you support unique products handcrafted by the citizens in your area.


9. Buying Handmade Goods is a Step Towards Preserving Traditions

Although learning how to make a product by hand is a learned skill, the method comes from techniques passed down through generations. Therefore, buying these products preserves those traditions so that they can be practised and shared with the younger groups.

Handcrafted products generally incorporate unique patterns and designs that showcase a particular tradition of a specific region. Protecting and passing down these cultures through handmade products can promote cultural appreciation and diversity, as well.


10. You Enjoy the Best Customer Service

Good customer service is defined as the provision of reliable, helpful, and efficient service to customers. It should be provided in all stages of buying, including before and after purchase. Compared to giant corporations, you get the best customer service from your local business. That’s because these businesses understand and meet the needs and expectations of customers.

Local businesses care more about their customers, as they show you how they strive to provide a positive and memorable experience to all those who visit and buy their products.

Buying handmade goods can be a great decision in many ways. You get high-quality, ethical, and one-of-a-kind products, such as our personalised journals, whilst supporting independent craftspeople and their small businesses.

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